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Posted: April 3, 2012 in everything and more
  • It is time for immigration reform that will keep more top technical talent in the United States. Today, American colleges and universities are educating foreign nationals who come here to earn advanced degrees in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM fields). We educate them, and then U.S. immigration regulations force them to leave our country to return home, where they contribute to economic growth and the success of our competitors overseas. That has to change.

    tags: Education

  • If you have a startup in Philadelphia that has outgrown your local coffee shop, but doesn’t want an office or a storefront, well, you’re in luck.In the last six months, the number of low-cost desks for technology startups, often coupled with mentorship and business services, has exploded — more than doubling by some counts. And, as you might expect, that growth has also sparked a debate: is the development of an infrastructure necessary in a maturing entrepreneurial market or is there a budding bubble of startups servicing other startups?

    tags: Incubation

  • InnoCentive commissioned research firm Forrester in late 2011 to conduct an open innovation (OI) study on its behalf. Forrester interviewed 229 OI decision makers via a web-based survey, in addition to thirteen in-depth phone interviews with senior OI executives, within large organizations (mostly commercial but also public sector) across a wide variety of industries.

    tags: Innovation

  • Keeping up with the current trend for couple’s apps, the dating and romantic social network Zoosk is launching Couple Profiles. This way lovebirds can chart their relationship on a joint profile. Sounds like a joint bank account for social credit.

    tags: Apps

  • Online food ordering company Delivery Hero, one of Berlin’s hottest startups, has raised another round of funding, bringing its total capital raised to 40 million euros.

    tags: Funding

  • One of the biggest challenges facing entrepreneurs in the specialised services industry is how to commodotise their offering. Doing so allows them to extend their earning potential beyond the number of hours they can bill, but when the services you provide rely on your personal expertise and hands-on involvement, it can be tricky.

    tags: Entrepreneurship DailyRoundUp

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