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Posted: January 14, 2012 in everything and more
  • The Consumer Protection Act, 2008 (“CPA”) has introduced changes to the way in which business names may be used. The CPA came generally into force on 31 March 2011. The CPA contains specific provisions regarding the use and registration of business names. When the provisions take effect, it can be expected that they will lead to some confusion.

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  • Let’s get this straight: If you want to work at Goldman Sachs, Mckinsey or General Electric, an MBA is a handy scrap of paper.

    But if you’d prefer to bypass the corporate ladder and actually build something of your own, spending upwards of $140,000 and two years without pay is just about the worst way to go about it. Because looming outside those classroom walls is a creature far less merciful than any b-school professor: the market. Customers, you may be surprised to find, don’t give a damn about your degree—and the market will fire you faster than any ungrateful boss.

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