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  • Last week we explored how an increase in communication can enhance any organization’s culture. Our exploration continues this week with me first touting one of the most appreciated perks at Slingshot SEO, something that adds quite a bit to our daily culture–our four-day work week! Yes, an exclamation mark because virtually every employee adds such emphasis anytime we discuss it.

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  • Here are six reasons to consider cutting your work week down a day while boosting company morale exponentially.

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  • Creating and managing a Facebook Page for your business or organization is only half the battle. For a Page to have real value, its content needs to be seen and shared. The best place for this is in Facebook’s News Feed. Getting your Page’s content to appear in your users’ News Feeds can prove to be challenging. Facebook uses two sophisticated algorithms called Edgerank and Graph Rank to determine what content is shown in the News Feed. To bypass the complexity, here are six tips to improve your Facebook Page’s News Feed presence.

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  • Have you ever wondered why you choose Coke over Pepsi, Dove over Lux, Sunlight over Omo, ABSA over FNB, or All Gold over Koo? Truth be told: we have managed to persuade ourselves into thinking that certain brands are made better and that they are much more reliable than their generic counterparts.

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  • The following is a breakdown of 12 social media marketing trends for 2012 with regards to how businesses will target the youth market. The emphasis for businesses/brands in 2012 will be to avoid becoming subject to the “Social Media Burnout Effect”.

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  • While 2012 will bring another hard year for some brands and their consumers, there are others which will continue to perform really well.

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  • In the past two years, many large companies have reshaped, restructured and rewritten their content – from print to web to mobile and SMS. The catalysts for these large and often expensive changes have been neither business imperatives nor technological innovations, but new laws.

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  • Day 1: Women 2.0 Startup Weekend 2011 in San Francisco

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  • Five promising Bay State start-ups raised a total of $10.5 million in venture capital in a series of recent deals, according to CB Insights FundingFlash, with GrabCAD snagging nearly half.

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  • EveryMove, the Seattle health startup led by Russell Benaroya and Marcelo Calbucci, has landed $375,000 in an initial financing with plans to pull in more cash later this year. The company launched at TechStars Seattle in November, announcing at the time that insurance giant Premera Blue Cross had signed on as the first customer.
    EveryMove is developing an online service that rewards employees for living healthier lives. That’s an extremely hot area of technology right now, with other upstarts such as Ignition-backed Keas also attempting to attack the market opportunity.

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  • Vizify, a social tool for creating a great first impression online and a recent grad of TechStars‘ Seattle accelerator program, is announcing today that it has raised $1.2 million in seed funding from a group of entrepreneurs and investors, which includes Picnik Founder Jonathan Sposato, Founder and Managing Director of Draper Fisher Jurvetson, Tim Draper, Bill McAleer of Voyager Capital, and Co-founder of Feedburner Matt Shobe, among others. Vizify is also a member of the inaugural class of the Portland Seed Fund, a seed fund and 90-day accelerator program that invests $25,000 in six to eight Oregonian companies every six months.

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  • Today, Start Engine, the L.A.-based accelerator that’s the focus of a new reality TV show, is announcing its first round of startups. The show, which comes from Cameron Casey, exec producer of the TechStars reality program on Bloomberg TV, will again film entrepreneurs in a documentary-style format as they make their way through a tech accelerator program.

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  • CrowdTwist is a New York City-based loyalty company working with brands to reward fans across online, social and mobile channels.

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  • Boulder-based Next Big Sound, which provides data and social media analytics for the music industry, raised about $6.5 million, officials for the TechStars alumnus said this week.  

    tags: Funding

  • Contently, a freelance writer network and TechStars 2011 startup, has raised $2 million from Lightbank, the fund started by early Groupon investors Eric Lefkofsky and Brad Keywell. 

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  • NYC-based Blueprint Health, a health-focused member of the TechStars Network, is announcing its inaugural class of startups today. The Winter program, which begins on January 9th, will be taking place in a 12,000 square foot loft in SoHo that will be shared with the NYC-based members of Health 2.0 starting later this month. Part of the loft may also be turned into a co-working space for other healthcare-focused area entrepreneurs.

    tags: Incubation Accelerator

  • ollowing up to all the conversations, I’ve had about incubators and Silicon Valley since last week, I didn’t mean to imply ‘a list’ or that there are not other incubators besides YC, TechStars and 500 Startups that create value. Though, like most things, I think there tendency is a Pareto Distribution. I would also like to point out that there is nothing wrong with programs that are not explicitly designed to help companies get investment, just don’t mention investment as a central feature in marketing the program.

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  • YCombinator-backed hacker recruiter platform Hackruiter has raised a modest seed round from investors SV Angel and Founder Collective. The company raised $200K but could have raised much more, because it is already profitable co-founder David Albert tells me.

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  • Global SEO software company GinzaMetrics recently announced conversion tracking improvements that track organic search and e-commerce transactions through their life cycle, offering real-time recommendations for underperforming product segments. This latest version of their cloud-based Enterprise-level SEO platform allows companies potentially running thousands of sites to drill down on a granular page-by-page basis to track rankings by keyword, tying the data to measurable revenue.

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  • Adverplex, a highly successful business incubator and one of Kendall Square’s best-kept secrets, has announced its new company name — Cogo Labs. Cogo Labs creates profitable Web-based companies that average more than $1 million in annual revenue per employee. Websites produced by Cogo Labs companies collectively receive more than 5 million visitors every month.

    tags: Incubation

  • Y Combinator-backed Custora, which offers a SaaS that tells online retailers and web apps which of their customers are most valuable and suggests actions to keep them; has raised $850,000 in funding from SV Angel, Founder Collective, Highline Venture Partners, Paul Buchheict, Sam Altman, Valhalla Partners, the Start Fund, and other angel investors.

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  • More often than not, when we hear about hot tech companies, all the founders are male (see: Google, Facebook, Twitter and Zynga). But in an effort to change that profile, a new funding source is targeting companies founded by women. Kelly Hoey thinks a lot of investors may be missing some good business opportunities because they aren’t coming from someone who looks like the next Mark Zuckerberg.

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  • Flotype, a startup that offers a suite of technologies that simplify real-time messaging for cloud and mobile applications, has raised $1.4 million in seed funding from Andreessen Horowitz, Ignition Partners, Yuri Milner, Salesforce, and Y Combinator.

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  • If you haven’t heard of COLOURlovers, you’re probably not a design fiend. Judging by its traffic growth over the past seven years, however, it’s built a pretty loyal following among its one million right-brained registered members. The Y Combinator grad also counts community-building experts, like Matt Mullenweg from WordPress and Alexis Ohanian from Reddit, as angel investors. They joined Founder Collective, Charles River Ventures, 500 Startups and others in a $1 million seed round last March.

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  • A total of 103 327 new jobs were created in December 2011 – the fastest rate of growth in nine months, according to the Adcorp Employment Index, released yesterday.

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  • South African tertiary institutions are failing to produce enough graduates in business-oriented fields, staffing solutions company Adcorp said on Tuesday, releasing its December Employment Index. The report pointed to there currently being nearly 600 000 unemployed university graduates in South Africa, mostly in the arts, humanities and social sciences, whereas the private sector has more than 800 000 vacancies in management, engineering, law, finance, accounting and medicine.

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  • I’m sure you’ve seen limbo dancing at some point in your life – you know who I mean, those folks moving to Caribbean rhythms, leaning backwards and dancing under a horizontal pole, hoping not to touch it while moving forward. When they are in a competition, the stick will be lowered gradually until only one dancer is capable of dancing under it.

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