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Posted: January 11, 2012 in everything and more
  • The makers of the Basis fitness band were at Pepcom’s Digital Experience event showing off their namesake accessory, but that’s not all that they wanted to reveal. They also demoed their new web interface, which is meant to take all of data the Basis can collect and it turn into a meaningful way for users to track their activity levels.

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  • The past year in technology was pretty wild. The really big Internet IPO returned and the massive venture capital funding bubble inflated, which seems difficult considering that the venture capital industry is far smaller than it was three years ago. But look at some of the crazy valuations on revenue-less photosharing start-ups like Color and Path. And there is clearly another bubble inflating in the cloud computing sector, with every company that uses a distributed architecture now calling itself a “cloud company.” So what does 2012 have in store?

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  • The notion of the post-PC era may have legs to stand on, and Facebook could be playing a key role in the shift. This according to new data that highlights increasing mobile application usage at the expense of web consumption. Mobile apps continues to rise in popularity, with people now spending 94 minutes per day, on average, using mobile applications, according to analytics firm Flurry. Meanwhile, web consumption, on both desktop and mobile devices, has started to wane.

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  • Not much is known about the extent to which companies are embracing social media tools as a part of business life. Deloitte in partnership with ITWeb conducted a survey to find out.

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  • Some interesting news from The Netherlands: online food ordering and delivery service has been delivered 13 million euros – roughly $16.6 million – by Dutch VC Prime Ventures.

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  • Entrepreneurship requires balancing unbridled optimism with delusional foolishness.  Most entrepreneurs are mocked and misunderstood until they are wildly successful, at which point the chorus changes from “good luck with that ‘business’, pal” to “I always believed in ya, buddy!”

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  • While the holidays are a time for most of us to relax, there are thousands of young people across South Africa hoping to enjoy a break of a different sort: the chance to start a career. From December 20 to January 14, a unique five-ton truck – outfitted with 10 free Internet stations and a walk-in meeting area – travelled to five South African coastal cities to meet matriculants and univeristy students to talk to them (and their parents) about the idea of being an entrepreneur or an ‘intrapreneur’. The tour comes to a close this week in Cape Town, so if you are a resident of the mother city, look out for the MEDO truck.

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