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Posted: November 19, 2011 in everything and more
  • Customer service has moved beyond buzzwords and is demanding attention, since the new connected age increases customer expectations. There are global drivers of change in the new “connectedness era” requiring a new phase of business transformation. A changing society and more demanding customers, with less time in a globally connected world, are the drivers behind changing service expectations. Today’s sophisticated customer is immersed in a technologically connected world and demands being the centre of attention, where they expect better quality in real-time at a cheaper rate.

    tags: Markets CRM

  • Not too long ago a phone was a phone, a camera a camera and a computer a computer. These days hand-held devices are multi-functional and becoming smarter and smarter. The same thing is happening to TV. Everything’s becoming a TV and TV’s becoming everything.

    tags: Marketing

  • They’re game-changers, innovators, all past 60 and making a difference in their communities and the world. Meet the five winners of the 2011 Purpose Prizes — $100,000 awards given to outstanding social entrepreneurs. This year’s honorees: a screenwriter improving living conditions in Chinese orphanages; an African immigrant changing the lives of refugees; an inventor distributing a vital cooking device in developing countries; an architect drafting a sustainable building revolution; and a Rust Belt entrepreneur teaching baby boomers how to start new businesses.

    tags: Entrepreneurship

  • As we measure the degree of damage, or more precisely, reduced revenue and increased costs from the downturn, advertising spending tends to be one of the first cuts owners make. Yet this may be a great time to expand marketing to take a share of the market away from your competitors.

    tags: Branding

  • Q: What are some of the most common mistakes entrepreneurs make when starting out? — John Gachiri

    tags: Entrepreneurship

  • It’s easy to get into social media for the wrong reasons and to post too much or too little. Here’s how to balance out your social media efforts.

    tags: SocialMedia

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